Helicopter Airlifts Injured Hikers
November 15, 2013
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  • North Shore Rescue members had to airlift an injured hiker off Black Mountain as dusk fell Monday.

    Two Vancouver women in their early 20s were headed to Eagle Bluff next to the Cypress Mountain ski hill Monday afternoon when one of them tripped and sustained a serious ankle fracture.

    The injured woman’s friend attempted to piggyback her back to the ski area where they had parked. Despite strangers along the route offering help, when it became clear the task was too much, the group called the West Vancouver Police Department around 4 p.m.

    With less than an hour before darkness, the woman was lucky North Shore Rescue volunteers were at the ready, according to Tim Jones, NSR team leader.

    “We didn’t waste any time because the light window was very reduced. Fortunately, the helicopter pilot was at the hangar. There were team members available and with diminishing light, there was a helicopter rescue,” Jones said.

    The potentially difficult rescue underscores the need for adventurers to call for help as soon as they’re in trouble in the backcountry, Jones said.