New FBO Opens at Airport
September 24, 2013
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    Cost (includes construction, construction management, testing, on-site project representation, and project closeout:)
    Total cost: $17.830 M
    TxDOT Funds …. $15.286 M (85.7 percent
    County Funds $ 2.543. M (14.3 percent)
    Major project elements:
    • Extend and mark runway 1,500 ft. with signs, lights
    • Extend and mark taxiway 1,500 ft. with signs, lights
    • Construct and mark holding apron at new runway end
    • Reconstruct section of runway and sections of taxiways
    • Relocate FAA approach lighting system
    • Relocate FAA Instrument Landing System equipment
    • Install new Precision Approach Path lighting aid
    • Relocate existing Precision Approach Path lighting aid
    • Relocate utilities for runway extension
    • Terminate section of Airport Road
    • Upgrade medium intensity runway edge lights to high intensity for RW 14-32
    • Install fencing
    • Clear runway protection zone

    Construction on the Lone Star Executive Airport main runway extension officially commenced Monday.

    Meanwhile, the new Galaxy fixed base of operations opened for business Friday.

    Located at the southern end of LSEA’s main runway, Galaxy FBO features two hangers, each totaling 76,000 square feet. The hangars can fit about four large cabin jets and 15 to 20 mid-sized business jets.

    Built at a cost of $15 million, Galaxy operations are a subsidiary of Black Forest Ventures, an investment firm in The Woodlands.

    The main building has 25,000 square feet that will house Galaxy’s operations, provide office space and a restaurant with a seating capacity of 130.

    The runway project extends the existing primary landing runway from 6,000 feet to 7,500 feet, to accommodate bigger corporate jets.

    Of the $17.830 million for the runway extension, $15.28 million is provided through the Texas Department of Transportation. The remaining $2.543 million is the county’s match.

    Work has begun creating turnarounds that vehicle traffic could use when each side of Airport Road is permanently severed by the runway extension.

    “Having those cul-de-sacs will make it easier for school buses and other vehicles to turn around at the airport right of way,” said Airport Manager Scott Smith.

    A temporary cement plant is beginning to be erected on the southeast side of the airport property.
    Closure of the airport is to take place in mid-to-late October, Smith said.

    Other construction deadlines with the runway project include taxiway reconstruction (Dec. 2014), instrumentation approach (Sept. 24) and substantial completion (June 2014).