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New Airport Manager Outlines his Goals
September 18, 2013
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  • QUINCY, ILL. – The new manager at the Quincy Regional Airport is just over a week into the job.

    Jarred Hester started the position on September 10. Though early into his tenure, Hester is already trying to collaborate with the Quincy City Council and City Aeronautics Council to lay out long-term goals.

    “I think what’s very important is that we work together as a team between the current administration, the aeronautics council and the city council, and we sort of lay out what the vision is together so we can move towards that objective as a team,” Hester said.

    He says his biggest focus is increasing the overall ridership numbers and reaching out to a larger demographic.

    “We’re going to try and reach out and get as many people passing through the doors as possible. There are a lot of segments there that we need to reach out to so we can make sure we’re maximizing what we have in place from our airport,” he added.

    Hester is a native of Rushville, Illinois and got his start in aeronautics as a U.S. Marine.

    He takes over during a time of increased patronage at the airport.  Cape Air recently reported more than 6,800 boardings in Quincy this year. That’s almost 500 more passengers than at this time last year.