Carlsbad Seeks Extended Deadline for Airport Improvements
September 15, 2013
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  • CARLSBAD >> The City of Carlsbad is seeking an extended deadline from the Federal Aviation Administration for improvements at the Cavern City Air Terminal.

    The FAA has given Carlsbad until Oct. 7 to complete the improvements, which will bring it up to code according to city officials.

    “We have discussed numerous grant applications that we have pending in front of FAA and this one is time sensitive,” Steve McCutcheon, city administrator, informed council members and the general public during a city council meeting last week.

    An inspection of the airport revealed faded markings on the airport’s four runways and taxi area which need to be repainted to bring the airport back into compliance.

    Federal funds in the amount of $40,000 will combine with $10,000 of the city’s money to make the improvements McCutcheon said during the council meeting.

    But it’s a big job for such a short time. Director of Culture, Recreation and Community Services Patsy Jackson-Christopher said it would be ‘impossible’ to complete in the time given. Jackson-Christopher expects that the FAA will agree to grant additional time for the city to make the necessary arrangements to get the project underway.