Marana Town Talk: Marana has close proximity to local airports, airstrips
June 5, 2013
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  • Marana’s proximity to the Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas makes it one of the better-positioned communities in the state. With Interstate 10, the Union Pacific Railroad and two airports within the town’s borders and planning area, Marana has become a hub for people wanting to live or do business in Southern Arizona.

    The Marana Regional Airport is one reason the community has become so popular. Weekend pilots, CEOs, pro golfers and even Prince Harry have touched down over the past several months. There are more than 100,000 takeoffs and landings each year.

    Several businesses operate from the airport as their year-round home. Many offer flight training for aspiring aviators and all are important in the town’s economic development plans.

    Desert Spirits Aviation ( While private pilot training is its primary focus, Desert Spirits has expanded its horizons to include ground and flight training for sport, recreational and commercial pilots and certified flight instructors. All ground training is provided in association with a flight program. Desert Spirits offers discounts for first-time flyers and incentives for current students.

    FlipSide Aerobatics ( Arizona, where the weather rarely lets us down, is a perfect place for aerobatic and upset recovery training which teaches pilots how to get out of unusual attitudes. FlipSide Aerobatics focuses on spin and aerobatic training throughout the winter. To see FlipSide’s promotional video with great aerial shots of Marana and the vicinity, visit its website.
    Marana Flight School ( Whether you are looking for just the experience of flight, a flight review, WINGS training or are interested in an aviation career, Marana Flight School can help achieve your dreams. Experience the world of aviation and take to the skies with an experienced instructor. Investigate if being a pilot is for you with their discounted rate. The instructor takes you through a preflight inspection of the aircraft, engine start and taxi procedures to the runway. You will be at the controls under your instructor’s supervision while piloting the aircraft over beautiful Southern Arizona scenery.

    Unusual Attitudes ( The nation’s premier flight school for upset recovery, stall/spin and genuine Alaskan Tailwheel training is located conveniently at Marana Regional Airport.

    The Marana Regional Airport is much more than a reliever facility for Tucson International. It’s a growing commercial hub with ambitious plans on the drawing boards.

    The town invites anyone with an interest in aviation to contact any of these businesses at the facility. One visit will show why we’re all so excited about the prominent role the Marana Regional Airport will play in the future of Southern Arizona.

    (Editor’s Note; Steve Miller is the manager of the Marana Regional Airport. After earning a degree in aviation management from Southern Illinois University and getting his commercial pilot’s license, he worked for United Airlines in operations at Chicago O’Hare before moving to Dallas, where he worked in operations for Delta Air Lines at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.)