Greenville Airport Building $400,000 Hangar For Private Planes
May 13, 2013
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  • Airport officials in Greenville say a high demand for hangar facilities has prompted them to build a new $400,000 hangar for non commercial planes.

    Airport director Jerry Vickers says there are 15 hangars total, but this new 12,000 square foot building will be the first of its kind at the airport.

    Vickers says, “One of the exciting things about this project, is it will be the first set of T-hangars the airport has ever built.”

    The T-hangars are shaped in the form of a T, which Vickers says provides a private space for each plane, as opposed to the community hangars where planes are just parked throughout.

    The new hangar will provide ten T-spaces, all of which, Vickers says are already leased.

    One of those spaces belongs to Dr. Mark Bowman. “I’m real excited! We are finally getting some individual hangars, so you can go out and just kind of tinker and clean your plane, mess with it, do some maintenance. You know, before you had to pull it out, have them pull it out, pull it to a certain area, and you were just restricted to what you could do. Now, it will be more like you can go in your garage.”

    Vickers says there is already a waiting list for people who are interested in adding more hangar facilities.

    Vickers says the project, which broke ground in December and is expected to be finished in June, is funded 100 percent by airport revenue, but each of the ten pilots will have to pay about $300.00 a month to rent a space.