Hagerstown Regional Airport Contributes Millions to Economy
May 5, 2013
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  • HAGERSTOWN, Md. – The Maryland Aviation Administration recently published a report detailing the economic impact of the 35 public use airports located in the state. The study focused on the important roles airports play in stimulating local economies by analyzing business revenue, job creation, personal income and tax contributions data from 2012. Included in the report is Hagerstown Regional Airport, a financially self-supporting airport complex managed by Washington County Government. The MAA study revealed HGR ranks third out of 35 public use airports in the State of Maryland.

    Statewide Economic Impact

    In Maryland, the study revealed the following:

    Nearly 8,700 jobs can be traced to the aviation industry resulting in personal wages of more than $442 million

    More than $665 million in business revenue was generated

    Approximately $222 million was generated as a result of local purchases

    HGR’s Economic Impact

    HGR’s impact on the local economy is significant as shown in the following report highlights:

    HGR generated more than $109.6 million in business revenue and collected more than $7.4 million in state and local taxes

    The more than 1,300 people employed by business activity brought in a total personal income figure of $74.4 million.

    HGR includes more than 12 aviation-related businesses. These fixed base operators provide numerous services including aircraft rental, heated hangars, computerized weather, aircraft inspections and aircraft maintenance and repair. The flight school conducts discovery flights, pilot ground school and flight training.

    Since 2008, businesses supporting the aero defense industry have landed at HGR, bringing with it multi-million dollar defense contract awards. The growth in aero defense spawned local economic development, allowing government officials to bring the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) education program for FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technicians to the airport in 2011.

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