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Miles Intermediate School Students Receive an Aviation Program and Learn to Fly
March 12, 2013
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  • By Marc Richardson

    Miles students are aiming high for their future careers and learning how to fly

    Miles Intermediate School students are living the dream and learning how to fly, thanks to a new partnership between Miles Intermediate and Aviation Career Enrichment, Inc. (Fly ACE).

    “Fly ACE’s mission is to use the vehicle of flight training to inspire young people to sharpen their academic skills and remain in school,” reads their website. The organization uses cool interactive tools that are very similar to video games to help keep the students interested and excited.

    Since the 1980’s, Aviation Career Enrichment, Inc., and the Atlanta ACE Academy have tried to address the shortage of minorities working in aviation and aerospace professions by introducing “disadvantaged, at-risk and minority youth to aviation opportunities.”

    According to the Talk Up APS Blog, “Delta Airline Captain, Mr. Patrick Alexander, and Officer, Mark Dozier, recently shared their experiences as aviators with the members of the club during career day. The guests speakers presented an aviation workshop that focused on setting career goals, the importance of academic learning, and staying on task. Additionally, students received hands-on experience as they practiced flying a plane through the use of an airplane simulator.”

    As an added bonus, Miles students toured the Fulton County Airport Brown Field last week and were treated to an exclusive real-world aviation experience.

    The APS Blog says that, “many students at Miles are now members of the Miles “Tiger Ace” Club, due to this initiative.” Click here for more on the Tiger Ace Club.