Women Take Flight Over Western Mass
March 11, 2013
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  • NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WGGB)- This weekend Northampton Airport celebrated Women of Aviation. The purpose, to educate girls and women of all ages on aviation by teaching about planes and career opportunities.

    “There’s only 6% females in the entire population of pilots.. for me thats why too low,” says Pilot Glenna Blackwell.

    Girls and women of all ages were invited for free flights. They learned that everyone can learn to fly—

    “It’s easy; easy to take lessons, get involved,” Blackwell adds.

    With that said, I took the wheel and our pilot John Smith gave me some assistance in steering. He showed how the operations work. And with the clear blue skies today it was easy to see parts of Vermont, CT and all of Western Mass from this point of view.

    All the girls who flew today enjoyed the experience.

    “It was scary at first when you first go up because it moves a lot.. it jumbles.. but then it’s just really cool to look at the stuff,” said one young flyer.

    “Everybody has smiles today,” adds Blackwell.

    The hope today is that these girls and women will want to fly again and maybe one day become a pilot themselves.