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Brookley One of Three Alabama Airports Facing Possible Furloughs, Delays
February 22, 2013
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  • By Kelli Dugan

    MOBILE, Alabama – Despite its inclusion on a list released earlier today by the Federal Aviation Administration, Brookley Aeroplex in downtown Mobile should not be adversely affected by $600 million in cuts to the agency.

    “We have not heard anything directly from the FAA that this could happen to Brookley,” said Bill Sisson, executive director of the Mobile Airport Authority which oversees both Brookley and the Mobile Regional Airport.

    The FAA released the list of potential targets for cuts that could include anything from delayed flights due to furloughed air traffic controllers to full closure of facilities. Dothan Regional and Tuscaloosa Regional airports were the only other Alabama airfields on the list.

    “I can tell you that of the 250 airports which have FAA contract towers, Brookley is in the top 60 busiest. Contract tower airports are generally non-commercial airports like Brookley, supporting cargo, military and/or general aviation. Also, 60 percent of Brookley’s flights are to support military operations, so it would seem unlikely that would be jeopardized,” Sisson said, acknowledging his comments are speculation only.