Kellie Bartoli Wabash Valley
TH Airport has $68.7 Million Economic Impact
November 19, 2012
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  • By Kellie Bartoli

    The economic impact of local airports is broken down to the dollar amount, and it’s a big boost.

    The report finds that the Terre Haute InternationalAirport generates $68.7 million in economic output each year.

    That’s on top of over 770 jobs and nearly $40 million in payroll.

    Officials say a big factor in that figure is the partnership with the national guard, and as that grows, so do the possibilities.

    One major goal for officials now is expansion, from jobs to the potential for commercial flights.

    “But as I look forward into 2013, were gonna see a third guard unit, have them come on board,” said Bill McKown, the executive director of the Terre Haute International Airport. “Pretty significant though. The key there is bringing the jobs into our area, that’s the talk of the nation.”

    Here’s a look at some other Valley airports generating big money:

    – Clay County: 76.8 jobs, $3.2 million payroll, total output $12.8 million.

    – Putnam County: 489.9 jobs, $22.2 million payroll, and total output $103.4 million.

    – Sullivan County: 6.1 jobs, $347,571 payroll, and total output $841,385.

    – Vermillion County, 223.9 total jobs, $11.4 million payroll, and total output of $27.5 million.

    There are 69 airports across the state, generating over $14 billion and responsible for 69,000 jobs.