Jonah Kaplan KSPR
Taking Flight: Springfield Hopes Improved Terminal for Private Planes will Help Boost Business
November 1, 2012
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  • By Jonah Kaplan

    SPRINGFIELD-BRANSON NATIONAL AIRPORT — The private planes that you might associate with the 1% – actually affect every airline passenger in Springfield.

    General aviation accounts for 11% of the airport’s budget, or $1.4 million dollars. If you take that money away, officials say the airport would raise money from somewhere else – like ticket fees.

    The City of Springfield presents its five-year capital improvements program to Planning and Zoning on Thursday. In that plan are projects that focus on general aviation.

    Officials say the current general aviation terminal is out-dated and overwhelmed. They say adding new hangers to the terminal will keep current customers happy and help new business take off.