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New Season of PBS's The Aviators Takes Off with NBAA Sponsorship
October 23, 2012
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  • The following information was released by the National Business Aviation Association:

    As the third season of the PBS show The Aviators gets underway, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is delighted to announce its support for the show as an advertising sponsor.

    The Aviators series follows a group of pilots and aviation experts, and focuses on the size, diversity and importance of the aviation industry, including the business aviation segment; as the website for the show says, The Aviators is for everyone who has ever gazed skyward. New episodes of the award-winning show now are airing on PBS stations across the U.S. and are available for download on Apple iTunes.

    NBAAs sponsorship of the program includes a 15-second advertisement that promotes the message of the No Plane No Gain program, which NBAA jointly sponsors with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

    In the ad, which will appear during four episodes of the show this season, a voice speaks over compelling video footage and still imagery of several airplanes and people in business aviation, informing viewers: Business aviation: Dedicated to strengthening Americas businesses, enhancing productivity and communications, and providing relief to neighbors and communities in times of crisis. The spot concludes with text inviting viewers to learn more by visiting the No Plane No Gain web site. View the spot in its entirety.

    According the website for The Aviators, when the show is broadcast on 80 percent of PBSs 354 Member stations across the U.S. each week, it attracts more than 10 million viewers. Since its launch on the iTunes website in 2011, all three seasons of the show have maintained a position in the sites Top 50 Nonfiction TV offerings.

    When NBAA and GAMA launched the No Plane No Gain campaign over two years ago, we said that print and broadcast advertising would be a central component in the programs effort to educate policymakers and opinion leaders about the importance of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities, said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

    The campaign has produced a host of print and broadcast ads, and now, were delighted to have this opportunity to partner with a program that reaches such a wide audience, so that we can take our message to those who may not be familiar with business aviation, and highlight its role in supporting over a million jobs, helping companies succeed, connecting communities and providing assistance to humanitarian endeavors. The Aviators and NBAA really are working toward the same goal: Getting viewers excited about an essential American industry.