Bill O'Connor St. Augustine Record
Letter: Mercer Would Protect Neighbors of Airport
October 14, 2012
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  • By Bill O’Connor

    Editor: In response to your op/ed, “Airport Candidates Sharply Disagree on Airport Future,” in The Record on Oct. 11, I disagree with your endorsement of Group 4 incumbent Jim Werter in this year’s election.

    Werter wants to increase the Northeast Regional Airport’s use to include regular scheduled airline service, for one reason, the county’s economic growth, but at what cost to the people who live near the airport or in the flight path?

    Regular scheduled passenger flights would mean multiple take-offs and landings. The sound of these large jets would shatter the peace and serenity of the area, not to mention the air quality being compromised by jet exhaust.

    I agree with his opponent Matt Mercer who wants to keep the airport as it is now, limited to small planes, and for changing the name back to the more familiar St. Augustine Airport.

    In this election season there is much unwanted noise polluting the airwaves, we do not need more noise polluting our air.