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Demolition Begins on Three Hangars at Birmingham Airport
October 3, 2012
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  • By Debbie Swartz

    TOWN OF MAINE — Demolition began Wednesday on three hangars at Greater Binghamton Airport, part of a $600,000 project.

    Broome County Executive Debbie Preston and Commissioner of Aviation Carl Beardsley Jr. were on hand to discuss the project, which will include the demolition of three 30-year-old hangars and construction of two new hangars.

    “Tenants are expected to be in the new hangars at the end of the year,” Preston said.

    The hangars are used for general aviation flight activity — no commercial flights — and house corporate jets and small-engine aircraft used for business and personal use, Beardsley said.

    While the airport has more than 200,000 passengers who fly in and out on commercial flights, 60 percent of the flights out of the airport are small planes and jets that will use the hangars, he said.

    “General aviation is important to this airport,” Beardsley said.

    Along with replacing the existing buildings, which house a total of 15 aircraft, the project will provide two hangars that hold a total of 20 aircraft, as well as blacktop repair in the area.

    Current hangars at the airport are fully leased and clients are eager for the new space, Beardsley said.

    The work is being done by local firms, including Gorick Construction, Boland’s Excavating and McFarland Johnson.|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE