Georgia Airports Bring in Billions
June 19, 2012
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  • By Matt Prichard

    ALBANY, GA — The Georgia Department of Transportation’s Intermodal Division recently completed a full economic impact study for the State’s 104 public airports. Georgia’s public-use airports serve not only as a mode of transportation for citizens and businesses alike, but also as a source of revenue to the state general fund, generating approximately $137 million in aviation-related tax.

    Georgia’s public airports are essential to the State’s transportation infrastructure for citizens and businesses. The 2011 Georgia Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study analysis shows the State’s airports support more than 471,000 jobs with annual payroll of $17.8 billion, and total value of goods, services and capital expenditures linked to aviation at more than $62 billion each year, and, approximately $82 million in aviation-related tax revenue going directly to the general fund.

    “Investing in Georgia’s airports has a high rate of return,” said Commissioner Keith Golden. “We strive to maximize every dollar we receive in this area to constantly improve our aviation facilities. This study shows the true economic impact our airports provide for citizens.”

    A survey of Georgia companies indicated access to an airport among the top 10 criteria for business location decisions. The State of Georgia’s annual investment of approximately $2 million in airports is among the lowest of any southeastern state, and far from the $20 million or more invested by the top 10 states in the country on their aviation programs. A short film expressing the importance of airports from some of Georgia/s business and community leaders was produced as a companion piece to the Economic Impact Study. The film, Georgia Airports Mean Business, and the Economic Impact Study information are available here:





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