Dog Flies Hundreds Of Miles To New Home
June 19, 2012
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  • June 9, 2012

    A private plane pulls up at the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport, for a flight to Greenville, South Carolina. It’s passenger, three year-old Gunner. A rottweiler mix, who’s pretty excited to meet his new owners.

    “He is the first dog that will be flown out of the Mahoning County Dog Pound through this Pilot N Paws Program,” said Julie Nochta of Friends of Fido.

    The volunteer group Friends of Fido works closely with the Pound to find homes for dogs like Gunner. Workers found Gunner’s new South Carolina home in about a month.

    “She saw hime there,” said Tish Dillon-Wensel of Friends of Fido. “We did some corresponding back and forth. Because of the wonderful people that take video and pictures here, I was able to provide her an almost at-home experience where she got to meet Gunner over the internet.”

    Friends of Fido later connected with Pilot N Paws, an organization that flies animals, free of charge, to safe havens and new homes all over the country.

    “It warms our hearts,” said John Greco of Pilots N Paws. “It makes us both very happy to do it.”

    John Greco and his partner have been flying man’s best friend for more than two years now.

    “It was just something different–not that I got tired of flying people,” said Greco. “I still fly people. But, it’s nice to fly dogs also.”

    Friends of Fido couldn’t be happier for Gunner. Their goal is to make more fairy tale endings for area dogs, so they won’t have to be put to sleep.

    “I told her we’d send her pictures and text messages as soon as he’s in the air,” said Wensel. “She’s all excited.”

    “He’s beautiful,” said Greco. “And we’re anxious to get him home.”





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