Albertville Airport Getting New Plane Hangar
December 13, 2011
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  • December 9, 2011 By: Tim Reid Albertville, AL-A major economic lift for the city of Albertville. Busy airport traffic has corporate flyers looking for more space to park their planes.
    In order to accommodate the growing number of aircraft, city leaders decided to build a new hangar. There are six hangars at the airport. The newer 10 thousand square foot hangar will store jets and other planes. It will cost nearly 500 thousand dollars. Airport Director Jerry Cofield says this is great news for Albertville.
    “Well you know the airport is becoming a tremendous economic engine for the area” Cofield says. “As a regional airport we not only serve Albertville but the whole region and we are the only airport between Gadsden and Huntsville that can land corporate jets”.
    Phillip Pierce is the chief pilot for Ala Trade a local poultry processing plant in Marshall County. Twice a week he flies company officials in a corporate jet from the Albertville airport. Companies like Ala trade and many others who are locating to albertville depend upon the airport for business. That’s why city leaders are building another hangar to accommodate the growing number of aircraft. “Oh its definitely needed since they built the last corporate hangar they’ve been over flowing” Pierce said. “And from what I understand they have more planes that want to come in they can’t provide for right now”.
    It should take about 90 days to build the new hangar that will be ready in January. 62 planes are based at the Albertville airport four of those are corporate jets. Every year there are four thousand flights.

    Source: WAAY-TV
    Date: 2011-12-09