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End in sight for Guntersville Airport Project
January 6, 2015
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  • GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — After years of planning and delays Guntersville city officials say there is an end in sight for the Guntersville Municipal Airport construction.

    As planes fly in and out of the Guntersville airport construction is well underway. “There’s some early notification as early as 1979 for the need for a new airport in Guntersville,” Airport Manager Robert Martin says, “So it’s been in the planning for a good 14 years and now it’s happening.”

    Martin says part of the plans are for new hangars and a much larger runway. The first steps of construction were started months ago, but delays held up the process.

    Crews recently started back again and now Martin says there is an end in sight. “Hopefully by the end of this month or the next month, it’s just weather dependent,” Martin says, “When they get all the grading and everything finished and all the base rock in, then they’ll plan the time for paving.”

    City officials say the project is part of a bigger plan to bring more people to the area. “Most corporate jets will be able to use this runway without any problem in the future, and that’s what we’re looking for as well as expanding the use of normal aviation aircraft,” Martin says.

    City leaders say the goal with the construction is to allow bigger planes to land, bringing in more businesses, corporations, visitors, and ultimately help the area to grow. “This is going to be a very popular destination,” Martin says, “Already is, and will be even more so in the future.”

    Martin says he expects the project to be completed in the spring.