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19th Annual New Jersey Aviation Conference
January 17, 2014
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  • The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) is hosting the 19th Annual New Jersey Aviation Conference, set for May 2-3, 2014. This is the first year the conference will span over two days, which will “encourage greater participation by offering attendees a symposium on the first day, followed by a value-added, airport-based event on the second day,” stated MAAC Vice President Robert Checchio.

    The first day’s symposium is themed “Seize the Day – Build for Tomorrow,” and will feature four panels of experts discussing education, policy, technology, and safety issues, as well as a question and answer session with New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson. The day will round off with a keynote speech by Master Instructor Rich Stowell.

    At the newly implemented ground school component of the conference, attendees will experience a high-level exploration of the wonder of flight. Instructors Rich Stowell and Linda Castner will use biological, historical, and technological context to explain “The Art and Science of Flying Ground School.”

    Conference details and registrations forms are available at,,