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Missouri DOT Releases New Aviation Economic Impact Study
November 22, 2013
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  • In a recent study conducted by the Missouri Department of Transportation, it was revealed that the state’s 99 public-use general aviation airports and nine commercial-service airports created an economic impact of $11.1 billion in 2012 alone. Additionally, the study concluded that about one out of every 35 jobs of the state’s workforce is supported by the airport system and its activities.

    Airport Economic Impact Surveys are a vital tool in quantifying the benefits of aviation.  Not only do they assist in putting a monetary assessment on aviation’s economic value, they provide an opportunity to recognize other ways general aviation assists state functions that may not be as obvious.

    In Missouri, the 99 public use general aviation airports are hubs for small businesses to ship their products in a timely, reliable manner. One such example is H&H Color Lab, a high quality photo printer based out of Raytown. The company prides itself on setting the standard for customer service, and their corporate flight department and two airplanes at Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport enable H&H to go above and beyond for their customers through quick deliveries and face-to-face meetings.

    Outside of the business sector, general aviation airports in Missouri provide necessary services that enhance state resident’s quality of life.  General aviation assists in agriculture, medical patient transport, traffic monitoring, search and rescue, and numerous other benefits.

    For more information on the economic impact of aviation in Missouri, check out the state page on our website here, or view the MoDOT study here.