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No Fat Cats in these planes
July 29, 2013
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  • Craig Thompson, the Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin writes a poignant piece about the misconceptions of the ‘corporate jet.’ Proposed taxes such as user-fees seem to be justified by the current administration because the lavish lifestyle of the ‘fat cats’ and their businesses is an industry that can easily be taxed. Thompson details how wrong these perceptions are and how different the average company using general aviation looks. His examples paint a picture of small, local businesses around Wisconsin whose survival depends on general aviation aircraft and airports. The economic impact of this industry is real, contributing $3.5 billion to Wisconsin’s economy alone. Thompson says “it is time to an end to the use of corporate jets as a euphemism for excess and greed,” and he is right! Read his editorial and see how you too can help publicize the good that general aviation brings to local economies around the United States!