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Senator Roberts: President's Plan Takes Aim at Kansas Jobs
September 20, 2011
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  • September 16, 2011
    Senator Roberts: President’s Plan Takes Aim at Kansas Jobs
    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Pat Roberts said the president’s plan to hike taxes on general aviation and independent oil and gas producers, both critical components of the Kansas economy, could actually cost Kansas jobs and could threaten the state’s economy.
    “The federal government needs to get out of the way of the real job creators in our country, our small businesses,” Roberts said. “A package of recycled tax proposals targeting key job generators is counterproductive.
    “Raising taxes on general aviation and oil and gas production – which contribute to job growth, generate taxes for all levels of government, and are essential to the operation of our high-tech economy, makes no sense.
    “In fact, rather than generate jobs, tax hikes in these sectors will lead to further immediate job losses. In Kansas we have already seen layoffs, especially in general aviation. In fact, since 2008, we have lost 20,000 jobs. Thanks, but no thanks, Mr. President.
    “We need to repeal costly and burdensome regulations and reduce taxes to allow small businesses to create jobs.”
    General Aviation is a significant part of the Kansas economy employing more than 16,000 and contributing $7 billion to the Kansas economy.
    Kansas independent oil and gas producers make up the state’s second largest industry, employing nearly 68,000 people in production and related services. In rural Kansas, where oil and gas are found, the industry represents a quarter of the jobs and nearly 70 percent of the local property tax.
    Senator Roberts is a member of the Senate Committee on Finance, which has jurisdiction on tax matters.

    Date: 2011-09-16