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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Declares June 'General Aviation Appreciation Month'
June 22, 2011
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  • June 4, 2011
    National Aviation Organizations Praise The Proclamation
    National aviation organizations Friday applauded Illinois Governor Pat Quinn for declaring June 2011 “General Aviation Appreciation Month.” In Illinois, general aviation generates $6 billion in economic impact annually, supporting over 3,102 full-time and 1,145 part-time jobs.
    “We thank Governor Quinn for recognizing the critical role general aviation airports play in communities throughout Illinois,” Selena Shilad, Executive Director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America, commented. “We appreciate the efforts of the Illinois Pilots Association and their work in supporting this proclamation and for helping to recognize the value of general aviation across their state. These aircraft and community airports are a lifeline for businesses, charities, law enforcement, and hospitals both in Illinois and throughout the United States.”
    “We commend Governor Quinn for his support of general aviation in Illinois,” stated Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). “We know that the good-news story about general aviation’s impact in Illinois is the same story for the nation as a whole: General aviation, including business aviation, supports 1.2 million jobs, is responsible for $150 billion in economic impact annually, and helps local towns and cities across the country to attract businesses and support jobs in their local community.”
    Henry Ogrodzinski, President of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) said, “Across the United States, local airports serve as a integral part of our communities. These airports support millions of jobs to hard-working individuals and allow businesses to expand and access essential services while remaining a part of the local community. We welcome this proclamation and, in the future, look forward to continuing to work with Governor Quinn and Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig and Illinois Division of Aeronautics Director Dr. Susan Shea.”
    James K. Coyne, President and CEO of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), stated “This proclamation is yet another positive step in emphasizing the importance of the general aviation industry. By declaring June ‘General Aviation Appreciation Month,’ Governor Quinn and Illinois have joined a long list of states in recognizing how vital general aviation is to local and our national economy.”
    “Across communities throughout the United States, helicopters are utilized to provide lifesaving services, along with many other vital missions conducted on behalf of the greater good,” said Matthew Zuccaro, President of Helicopter Association International (HAI). “We commend Governor Quinn for signing this proclamation, and look forward to working with him in the future to further highlight the tremendous economic and operational benefits of helicopters and general aviation.”
    “With 112 airports across Illinois, general aviation is a significant lifeline and economic engine for local communities throughout the state,” said AOPA president and CEP Craig L. Fuller. “We look forward to working with the Illinois Pilots Association and the Governor to continue raising awareness of the value of these important airports and aircraft.”

    Date: 2011-06-04