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Flight 3407 Amendment Withdrawn
May 23, 2011
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    Flight 3407 Amendment Withdrawn May 20, 2011
    Washington, D.C.- Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster has withdrawn an amendment from the FAA Reauthorization Bill, which was holding up a vote on new flight safety standards.
    Families of the victims of Flight 3407, which crashed near Buffalo in 2009, said the amendment would weaken the FAA’s flight safety regulations required under the bill.
    “It is apparent that the inclusion of my amendment in the FAA bill may slow down conference negotiations and delay the adoption of this critical legislation to dramatically reform and streamline,” Rep. Shuster said in a statement Friday.
    Their families have been lobbying Congress since the crash for tougher flight regulations to prevent pilot fatigue and disclose when regional carriers are operating flights.
    50 people were killed when Flight 3407 crashed.
    Senator Charles Schumer said this is a huge victory for Flight 3407 families.
    “I am so proud to have stood side-by-side with the families on our long journey to turn a tragedy into landmark legislation, improvements in air travel safety, and safer skies across the country,” Sen. Schumer said.
    The FAA bill mandates new safety standards including increased training for pilots and stricter flight and duty time regulations to combat pilot fatigue.
    This law also requires that online vendors of airline tickets disclose if the flight is operated by a regional carrier instead of a major carrier.

    Source: WHAM13.COM
    Date: 2011-05-20