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House lawmakers introduce aviation research bill
March 11, 2011
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  • Republican lawmakers on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee this week introduced an aviation research bill that would cut funding for aviation-related research to fiscal year 2008 levels and authorize unspecified funding levels for the Airport Cooperative Research Program. The legislation is expected to be rolled into the House version of the FAA reauthorization bill.

    H.R. 970, the Federal Aviation Research and Development Reauthorization Act of 2011, would authorize a total of $605.5 million for RE&D $165 million in fiscal year 2011. It would also authorize $146.8 million per year in fiscal year 2012 through FY14 – the same funding level that Congress appropriated for RE&D in fiscal year 2008. The Senate-passed version of the FAA reauthorization bill would authorize $206 million for RE&D in fiscal year 2011.

    Date: 2011-03-11