AAAA Executive Director Selena Shilad Discusses General Aviation in Tennessee on WTJS and WMOD
May 7, 2010
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  • AAAA Executive Director appeared on WMOD and WTJS to discuss the impact of general aviation on Tennessee. The state of Tennessee relies a great deal on general aviation (GA). From an economic perspective, GA alone contributes $2.57 billion to the state’s economy, or $431 per capita, annually. Tennessee has 82 commercial and general aviation airports, 11,829 pilots and 6,512 general aviation aircraft. The state is also home to 46 flight companies, 56 repair stations and four flights schools, maintaining a good percentage of the 51,800 aviation-related jobs in the state. These and other statistics from our economic impact survey can be found online at

    Listen to the full radio clips here and here.