Leading GA Groups Applaud AR Gov. Mike Beebe's Aviation Work
March 22, 2010
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  • Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has joined his counterparts in other states by unveiling a proclamation declaring March 2010 “Aviation and Aerospace Appreciation month” during the Governor’s Aerospace Summit in Hot Springs today. Beebe received support and praise from multiple industry group leaders including us (the Alliance for Aviation Across America), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the National Business Aviation Association, the Air Care Alliance, and the National Association of State Aviation Officials.

    During difficult economic times, these proclamations symbolize the significant impact general aviation has on the economy all across the country. In Arkansas, general aviation accounts for about $494.5 million in economic activity and provides 5,400 jobs. That’s huge at a time when we’re all keeping a close eye on our pocketbooks.

    Thanks again to Governor Mike Beebe for his support!!


    Click on the green button below to listen to a KHMB interview with Selena Shilad, March 19, 2010