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TSA: Smaller, Regional Airports are Secure
February 19, 2010
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  • By Jeff Cunningham

    CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) – In the three months since Cape Air started offering flights, more than 830 people have flown out of Cape Girardeau.

    Smaller, regional airports all over the country see thousands of passengers every year but what about security? Would a potential terrorist have an easier time getting through security at a smaller airport? Heartland News asked that question to the Transportation Security Administration.

    Cape Girardeau’s Regional Airport is much smaller than Lambert in St. Louis. The lines are smaller, the planes are smaller but is the air travel security smaller?

    Not according to airport manager Bruce Loy.

    “I feel very confident with our security here,” Loy said. “It’s the same as any other airport.”

    The Transportation Security Administration supports what Loy says. Spokeswoman Andrea McCauley tells Heartland News size doesn’t matter when it comes to airport security.

    McCauley says the TSA has to maintain the same level of security at every airport regardless of size or shape.

    McCauley says while it may seem like less security at a smaller airport but some things are constant.

    The TSA trains all security officers in new and current threats.

    It has the same detection technology at airports across the country.

    And the TSA works with the airports to make sure it’s all working well.

    According to Loy, security is working well in Cape Girardeau.

    The TSA says it’s important to keep security random and unpredictable and McCauley stressed the importance all passengers play in protection. “Every days, two million people fly…that’s two million extra pairs of eyes and ears that are out there.”

    Date: 2010-02-15