First Civilian Relief Mission to Haiti Wheels Up This Weekend
January 15, 2010
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  • According to Angel Flight East’s Maureen Schmidt, the first relief mission will head to Haiti this weekend. Angel Flight coordinates free air transportation to those who need immediate medical attention, to deliver relief supplies and to reunite families during trying times. Pilots who want to help in the effort can find out more by going to

    There are other ways to help Haitian earthquake victims. Because of the damaged airport infrastructure and the large number of relief flights already taking place, the best thing GA pilots can do for now is donate money and steer clear of the area. This will allow military aircraft and humanitarian agencies to more easily move into the area and continue the relief effort.

    That said, you may register your aircraft on the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) website to help the US Department of Homeland Security identify all available aviation resources as soon as possible. NBAA will collect and submit all information to DHS who will identify and match the aircraft to a specific need in Haiti, if possible.

    The tragedy in Haiti is awful and our hearts go out to the victims there. We’ll keep posting new information as it comes up and in the meantime will donate as many resources as we can to the relief effort.