Boyd Helps Keep Aviation in the Mix
December 18, 2009
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  • Rep. Allen Boyd should be applauded for recently founding the Congressional General Aviation Caucus, a group made up of members of Congress dedicated to supporting and protecting the important role private aviation plays in our local economies and our national transportation system.

    Aviation is central to the Florida economy – 54 percent of Florida jobs are dependent upon airports and aviation. General aviation airports play an integral role in the state, handling nearly 80 percent of all aircraft operations in Florida. General aviation in Florida contributes $7.5 billion, or $462 per capita, to the state’s economy, with a payroll of $680 million per year.

    In communities in the Florida Panhandle and across the nation, local airfields and small aircraft often provide the best and most efficient means of transportation. Small aircraft and airports used by businesses, farmers and individuals are a vital tool to bring emergency services such as transportation to medical facilities, search-and-rescue support and disaster assistance to remote areas. Rep. Boyd is right to stand up for GA so that it can continue to provide Florida communities and businesses access to medical care, economic opportunity and a host of vital services and resources.


    GL Aviation

    Date: 2009-12-14