DOT Issues Report on Aviation Impact
August 18, 2009
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  • By Darwin Danielson

    The state Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation has released a report that shows the impact of aviation on Iowa. Tim McClung, the planning and outreach manager for the aviation office, says the impact totals $5.4-billion.

    McClung says the direct and indirect impact on the state comes out to 47,000 jobs. Those jobs bring a $2.7-billion payroll. Most Iowan’s direct connection to aviation is through flying on a commercial airline for a vacation or business trip.

    But McClug says the commercial service makes up a small portion of the industry. He says about 88% of the aviation activity is general aviation, or anything other than military and commercial aviation. General aviation consists of things like air cargo, medial flights, aerial spraying and personal airplane flights.

    McClung says the report will help show the importance the aviation industry. McClung says it will be used at the state and federal level and he says there has been a request from people at the local level for the information. McClug says local governments will find the report a useful tool in analyzing their future decisions.

    He says it helps decision makers and communities understand the impact of airports and aviation on the business community and the quality of life in the state. McClung says it will help in making investment decisions for airport facilities and the types of services offered at airports.

    There are 101 privately owned general aviation airports and 14 publicly owned general aviation airports in Iowa. There are 10 commercial airports in the state. The report says there are military units at four commercial airports and two general aviation airports that generate over 2,200 jobs and $278-million in economic impact.

    You can see the entire report here.

    Source: RADIO IOWA
    Date: 2009-08-11