Mayors Ask White House to Stop Bashing Aviation Industry
July 27, 2009
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  • Reported by: Josh Witsman


    Last Update: 12:28 pm 5/6/2009

    WICHITA, Kansas – Mayors from across the country are joining forces, asking the White House to stop making negative comments about aviation and the help the industry instead.

    Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer is one of the mayors taking that stand. Wednesday morning he participated in a conference call with mayors around the country to convince the White House to have a more positive stand on aviation.

    Here in Kansas , aviation is of course a top industry, accounting for more than $7 billion in economic impact. City Hall says for every one aviation job, three other jobs are created. It is for that reason Brewer has invited President Obama to Wichita to see firsthand how aviation affects the heartland.

    “We must start looking at aviation as one of the largest industries that we have, and start looking at how to protect it and make sure that it continues to function,” Mayor Brewer said.

    As for the invitation to visit Wichita , we know that the president has received the letter, but two months later there has yet to be a response from the White House.

    Source: KSN TV ( WICHITA )
    Date: 2009-05-06