Airlines' to Raise Fees on Children flying Solo
April 2, 2008
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  • As if the Airlines’ haven’t already done enough to make traveling more difficult and harsher on passengers, the Seattle Times reports that some Airlines’ are now planning to add fees on tickets for children who are flying alone.

    The $50 service fee that flyers like Delta have charged for children flying alone, are now being doubled each direction a child flies! “The airline boosted its unaccompanied-minor fee Ñ the charge to transport a child between the ages of 5-14 flying alone Ñ from $50 to $100 each way on a nonstop flight…”

    All of this, plus the Airlines’ recent attempt to charge extra fees on passengers, such as a $25 fee for a second luggage and fees for making flight reservations over the phone; increases both the stress and burden on passengers.