Emergency Pilots at Risk Under Airline Proposal
February 27, 2008
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  • With the extension for FAA reauthorization passed and the new deadline set for June 30th, it’s might be easy to become more passive about the issue of the possibility of new fees on general aviation. That’s not the attitude Keith Laken of Peoria’s LifeLine Pilots is succumbing to. In a guest column in the Peoria Journal-Star, Mr. Laken details the impact any new taxes would have on emergency pilots. Mr. Laken’s group fliers terminally ill patients to hospitals and treatment centers where they have access to life-saving procedures and medicines.

    Mr. Laken writes: “These pilots, who fund missions out of their own pockets, may not be able to afford Lifeline service.With about two flights taking off every day during the week, an absence of pilots would really harm those who depend on them.”

    It is essential that we keep shining the spotlight on pilots like Mr. Laken and his volunteers to ensure that their valuable service is kept intact.

    Click here to read Mr. Laken’s column.