The Pain of Flying
February 6, 2008
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  • This MSNBC article goes into depth about what passengers can do to protect themselves and their personal belongings while flying in 2008. While passengers are still left with the bad taste in thier mouths from the record flight delays and mishandled luggage of last year, its no wonder why this has caused concern amoung passengers.

    Only 73.4 percent of airplanes met their destinations on time, while at least 4.4 million bags where misplaced. That’s “equivalent to one bag going astray on every full 737-700 flight during the year.” And at least 64,000 passengers were “bumped” involuntarily off their flights last year. This is up over 8 percent from the previous year!

    With last years horrible on-time performance and customer service by major carriers, all you can do is prepare for the worse “since 2008 is already looking sketchy.”

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