Steven Rosenblum Is Dead On!
January 25, 2008
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  • Steve Resenblum in a letter to the Chicago Daily Herald nails the airlines for their deceptive practices.

    The Chicago Daily Herald

    Weather an excuse for O’Hare delays

    How often do we hear about canceled flights at O’Hare due to weather (“Fog, high winds ground some flights at O’Hare,” Daily Herald, Jan. 8.)?

    Somehow, this seems like almost a daily excuse being used by airlines at O’Hare who have double or triple booked departure times (how many flights can leave at exactly the same moment from the same airport anyway?).

    Last Sunday, as I took my parents to O’Hare, their flight was delayed a couple of hours due to “weather.” When I inquired, I was told it was due to fog and low clearance. As I approached O’Hare and peered out my window at the sun breaking through the mid-level clouds, I wondered, “What on earth are they talking about?” I guess “on earth” was what they were talking about, as it was just another excuse for air traffic congestion and poor scheduling across the system.

    When I spoke with the person at the airline ticket counter, she explained that “If you really want to depart or arrive in Chicago on time, you should go through Midway.”

    Why is this? Is it really that far from O’Hare to MidwayThis seems to be an airport problem. So please stop blaming the weather.

    Steven Rosenblum