Addressing your concerns
November 8, 2007
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  • In a recent posting in “The Flight Blog ,” we heard some concerns being voiced over the potential “user fee” threat to general aviation. As you know, the threat of user fees on GA is has been the primary focus of AAAA members since our inception.

    User fees are a threat to general aviation and we are continuing to fight them in any form but the difference in this battle has been our vocal members. When the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee was drafting their bill, our members flooded House offices with their concerns about the potential user fees that could be included. As a result of your vocal opposition to user fees, the House drafted H.R. 2881 without them.

    The Senate Finance Committee also drafted their own bill as well…without user fees. This is a very positive step for all members of GA but we cannot rest on these bills thinking the fight is over. We are closely monitoring the movements of both the House and the Senate to see what will happen next. While user fees do not seem to be on the immediate horizon, we want to make sure they don’t come up in another form.

    Keep checking in to our website for updates and more ways you can make your voice heard! With your help, we can keep user fees out of the legislation!