GA Makes A Difference
October 29, 2007
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  • We all know how much GA makes a difference in people’s lives but it is always nice to read these stories. Grace Flight, a company that provides air travel for those in need, flew 13 year-old Andrew Madden and his doctor to Boston for game 2 of the World Series. Andrew won the tickets from his doctor, who promised them to him if he pulled through heart transplant surgery…which he did.

    Here’s the Article from Aero-News:

    Grace Flight Transports Young Heart Patient To World Series

    Sat, 27 Oct ’07
    Recovery Room Bet Leads To Fenway Park

    Here’s a story with a lot of heart… from everyone involved. An Odessa, TX teen was able to live his dream of attending a World Series game, with a little help from Grace Flight of America, his doctor, and the Boston Red Sox.

    Andrew Madden, 13, made a bet with fellow Boston Red Sox fan Dr. Kristine Guleserian in the cardiology ward of the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX: If he pulled through heart transplant surgery and the difficult recuperation process, she’d treat him to a Red Sox World Series game.

    “It was just kinda something to hope for,” Madden told the Boston Herald. “(Something) to get my mind off how I was sick and the surgery and everything.”

    Madden received his new heart September 30… and Thursday night, both doctor and young patient enjoyed watching Game 2 of the World Series at Fenway Park, in a suite donated by Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino. Nonprofit group Grace Flight of America flew the two — along with Andrew’s mom, Lauri Wemmer — to Boston on a private jet.

    Madden even threw out the first pitch.

    The teen credits Dr. Guleserian for assisting in his quick recovery. “She’s amazing,” Madden said. “That’s really been the true experience, just getting to meet her and have her as a friend.”

    “First we’d talk on what was going on in baseball,” added Guleserian, “and then it was ‘how are you feeling?'”

    And speaking of that, Madden told reporters Thursday “I feel great. I have a lot of energy!”

    So did his beloved Red Sox… who will take a two-game series lead to Denver, after beating the Colorado Rockies 2-1 Thursday night.

    Nice job, everybody.